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Applications must be received by Sun. Jan. 19th.


Please follow the steps in order to be sure your complete application is received and processed.

Step 1: Pay the application fee online with the Paypal buttons below.  Make one payment for the application and an additional payment if you are requesting feedback. After you complete payment, you will be directed back to this page so you can continue.

There is a 4% service charge added to Paypal payments. If you prefer you can mail a check payable to Barbara Cloyd at Barbara Cloyd Workshops, PO Box 121497, Nashville TN 37212.

Step 2: Fill out the application form and click “submit. Once your form has been successfully submitted, you will be directed to the upload page. If you are not directed to that page, then your submission did not go through. The most common reason it doesn’t go through is that the verification code was not entered correctly.

Step 3: When you are directed to the upload page, upload your songs along with the lyrics. Applications cannot be reviewed if lyrics are not received.


1.  Fill out the application form below and click “submit.”

2. You can submit up to ten songs; you must submit at least three. Send them on a CD to Barbara Cloyd Songwriting Workshop, PO Box 121497, Nashville TN 37212. Be sure to send lyrics for each song you submit. Applications will not be reviewed until lyrics are received.

3. Include a check payable to Barbara Cloyd. The application fee is $25 for the first three songs plus $5 for each additional song you send.

4. You can request feedback on any or all of the songs. Include $10 for each song you want feedback on. If you are only  requesting feedback on some of the songs, please specify which ones.


The fields marked with * are required.

If you have any trouble with the process, please use the contact page to get in touch with us so we can help.

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Please select the appropriate button for your application fee and make a second payment for any feedback you are requesting.


  3 song application – $25

   4 song application – $30

    5 song application – $35

    6 song application – $40

    7 song application – $45

    8 song application – $50

    9 song application – $55

    10 song application – $60


   1 song feedback – $10

   2 songs feedback – $20

   3 songs feedback – $30

   4 songs feedback – $40

   5 songs feedback – $50

   6 song feedback – $60

   7 songs feedback – $70

   8 songs feedback – $80

   9 songs feedback – $90

   10 songs feedback – $100