Play Blue Bar

All performers must be at least 21.

Each Tuesday there are four scheduled rounds followed by an open mic

TO PLAY OPEN MIC: All you have to do is be there by 9 pm and sign up. Writers play in the order they sign up, but if you leave, your name comes off the list and goes back at the bottom when you return. Everyone who signs up gets to play from one to three songs, depending on how many writers there are.

TO PLAY IN A SCHEDULED ROUND: Barbara makes every effort to present the highest quality show possible. She books one writer to put together each round. That person is then responsible for inviting two other writers who can present great music and who have friends and fans who will come out to see them. Each round lasts 45 minutes.

If Barbara knows you and is familiar with your music, you can email her to request a booking. Before you do, please check the schedule for open dates and times. Any slot with nothing by it is still available. Give Barbara one or two choices of times you’d like to play.

If Barbara is not familiar with your music, please drop by and play the open mic on a Tuesday.  Introduce yourself to Barbara and give her some idea of what writers you might invite to play with you.

IF YOU ARE FROM OUT-OF-TOWN: You are welcome to play open mic. Even if you enjoy great success in other areas, please understand that we depend on the performers to help us fill the house. Unless you have a local following, you will not be scheduled for a round.