Thursday night Ri’chard’s Cafe

Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in Workshop videos | 2 comments

Thursday night Ri’chard’s Cafe

Getting to Ri’chard’s Cafe is an adventure. You drive about 10 north of town on I 24, then get off at Old Hickory and wind through the Tennessee countryside for another 5 minutes, then all of a sudden you get to the bottom of a hill and you’re looking across the intersection at the lit up front porch of this historic building. Inside it’s a warm, casual atmosphere with a great sound system and the best Cajun cooking north of New Orleans. Tonight the music was an open mic for anyone attending the workshop. After an intense afternoon of hearing songs critiqued by publishers with very high standards, it’s a nice change to hang out,  get to know each other and share songs in a non-critical atmosphere.


  1. What a GREAT way to end the first day of the workshop! Ri’chard’s Cafe has a real nice cozy atmosphere that allows the workshop group to mingle and play some songs in a nice relaxed environment. Ri’chard himself is a great guy and you can tell right away he LOVES music. The food is great too!!

  2. Loving the workshop!