This is by no means meant to be a complete list of all the good studios in Nashville. If a studio is not on this list it does not mean it isn’t good. But if it is on the list, you can trust that you will be treated fairly and get a quality recording. Please check with them personally to find out about their rates and facilities.

Direct Image – Kenny Royster – 615-321-8532 .  
Says Barbara, “So many times when I’ve been impressed by the quality of a demo from a writer I was working with and asked where it was done, the answer was ‘Direct Image.'” Kenny is a perfectionist and knows how to get master quality sound on a demo budget.

Quality Recording – Steve Goodie,  310-467-4200
Steve can accommodate a simple guitar vocal or can build a whole track with any instruments you want in any style you want. He works fast and you can come away with a fully-produced demo for a fraction of what a typical Nashville demo costs.

My Blue Heaven Studio – Troy Castellano, 612-598-7713
Troy is an accomplished musician who can provide everything from a simple guitar/vocal to a full-band track. He specializes in song demos and is able to work with writers who are not able to come to Nashville.

The Smokehouse – Vaughn Lofstead, 615-975-3548, 
Vaughn gets great production ideas and works with a team of top demo musicians. In order to give songwriters a reason to make the trek to his studio in Goodlettesville (just 15 minutes north of Nashville) he keeps his rates well below comparable studios. This allows for a lot of creative freedom because you won’t go broke if you want to take some time experimenting to get just the right arrangement. It’s not a luxurious facility, but it’s always an exciting creative atmosphere. An added benefit is that Vaughn is a first-rate guitar player and does not charge anything above his hourly rate if he plays on your song. This can be especially economical for songwriters who want to sing their own guitar/vocal demos.

Denny Martin – 615-361-6073  
Denny’s studio is in a beautiful facility. With his many years of experience producing demos, he manages a session with a confidence that immediately puts you at ease.