On lunch break

Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in Workshop videos | 2 comments

Before the workshop started I asked everyone to send me the title of one of their favorite hit Country songs. This morning we analyzed them to see what are some of the main things they have in common. Things like using a standard song form, building to a pay-off line, using conversational language. It’s a way to understand what the “formula” is for writing a song that can become a radio hit. The songs varied from an old Conway Twitty standard, to emotional ballads, to current up-tempos and it’s amazing how songs can be so different but still follow the same patterns. Here’s what a one of the writers had to say at lunchtime.


  1. WOW! I learned so much on day one. I am a beginner, but everyone made me feel welcome. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing so much knowledge. And, thank you to everyone in that room for the energy, creativity, and knowledge you shared. In the morning, I loved talking through all the different songs, and I learned how to correctly structure a song to make it marketable. At lunch, a whole group of songwriters and singers shared a wealth of ideas – and I was right there in the literal middle of them! In the afternoon, I really appreciated being in the audience for all of the songs that were played – thank you all. It was amazing to have the publishers present and I was thankful for the questions asked during the Q&A session. The evening was like being at a private recording session – at least for me. Thank you, again, to everyone who performed. P.S. I loved the tribute to Annie; I think I’m lucky enough to have an Annie in my life. Until tomorrow morning………

  2. I throughly enjoyed the morning session where we dissected current successful country sounds. It greatly helped in the afternoon session when songs from songwriters in the room were played. I REALLY liked the Q&A session as I am always curious as to how much production is needed to pitch a song to publishers as a writer. Their comments on work tape submissions and admission of the investment the publishers make before pitching to an artists was invaluable. Bottom line . . . a well crafted compelling song should shine through any production value. Great fun. . . . look forward to tomorrow.