Getting started

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Getting started

This blog is a way to shAre the workshop experience with people who can’t be here. I’ll add photos and videos as we go along, and the attendees can add comments about their experience.


  1. Five Stars. Barbara Cloyd’s three day workshop is a must for songwriters who truely want to know exactly where the bar is set and how to improve enough to have a chance of clearing that bar. Top level publishers provide personal insite into what they look and watch for. Valuable and long lasting aquaintances are sure to be made.

  2. Just wrapped up my second workshop. Learned so much from Barbara and from the publishers, and from hearing all the song critiques. I definitely would recommend this to any songwriter who wants to improve their writing…and it doesn’t hurt to get yourself in front of the top publishers in country music either.

    • This was also my second workshop with Barbara and the experience was again worth the time and investment. Regardless of your songwriting level, you will get something out of this workshop. Hearing critiques and comments from top commercial country music publishers is worth it’s weight in gold. Not to mention it happens inside the legendary Bluebird Cage. I am already looking forward to the next workshop and moving ever closer to that #1 hit.

  3. Got a lot of deeper insights today including using specific (visual) examples to drop a listener into a world and emotion, to serve as a vehicle to universal and broad appeal and let us identify with the singer/character. Today’s publishers, Rusty Gaston (THiS Music) and Tim Hunze (Parallel Music Publishing) were honest, thoughtful, and helpful with their feedback.

  4. Barbara does a wonderful job articulating the concepts of song writing while keeping it simple. Great opportunity to hear other songwriters music and network with a wide range of participants from different geographical areas.

  5. Had an AMAZING morning session with Barbara. LOTS of great info…so glad I came. Looking forward to writing with new friends made here!

    • One thing you learn is that a good song, even a great song, may not be a particularly “commercial” song…and commercial songs are the ones that will ultimately earn you income!